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Waiting For “Superman” | Pledge Now

The film Waiting For “Superman”, by the same filmmaker who made The Inconvenient Truth, is a great example of an indie documentary that has well targeted itself towards an audience outside of the ‘film vertical’. The topic of the film is the decline in the American public education system, and Waiting For Superman has made [...]

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Crowdfunding The Tunnel One Dollar at a Time

The Tunnel is a low budget Australian project in the midst of pre-selling film frames to raise the $135,000 cash budget, with plans to release the film for free online via file sharing later this year. It’s exciting to see this happening on my home turf, and interesting to hear in person the reasoning behind [...]

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Piracy : It’s Wrong, Don’t Do It (Pt 1)

If you want to stop piracy, this particular argument has already proven unsuccessful on a number of other issues: “It’s wrong, don’t do it” didn’t stop masturbation, drugs, homosexuality, rock ‘n roll, infidelity, racism, elbows on tables… you get the picture. Part of the issue is, not everyone agrees that it is wrong. As my last [...]

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Piracy : Everyone’s At It

There’s a hot debate between those who are vehemently against any form of “piracy” and those who can see some benefits. Firstly, let’s call piracy for what it really is – copyright infringement. Actually, no, on second thoughts, let’s stay with “piracy” for the moment: it’s more fun, conjuring up images of walking the plank [...]

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Piracy: It’s Wrong, Don’t Do It (Pt 2)

Continuing my exploration into the many subcategories and arguments around film piracy, today I look at the people who say they want to try before they buy. The Previewer is someone who doesn’t commit to purchase until after they’ve watched a film and found it to their liking. They may have seen a friend’s copy, [...]

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