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Waiting For “Superman” | Pledge Now

The film Waiting For “Superman”, by the same filmmaker who made The Inconvenient Truth, is a great example of an indie documentary that has well targeted itself towards an audience outside of the ‘film vertical’. The topic of the film is the decline in the American public education system, and Waiting For Superman has made [...]

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Wellywood Woman

On a side note, filmmaker Marian Evans asked me to comment on an Inside Film article where Martha Coleman expressed concern that not enough emerging female filmmakers are putting up their hand for funding under Screen Australia’s Springboard initiative. Marian has posted my response on her blog Wellywood Woman, if you’re interested in reading it. [...]

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Art versus Commerce in Filmmaking

A question that is often asked here in Australia is “What is wrong with the Australian film industry,” as there is a huge disconnect between the size of total annual box office receipts of $1.1 billion (Australians are some of the greatest film consumers on a per capita basis) versus the measly 5% of this [...]

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Eight Steps to Building a Fan Base

Eight Steps to Building a Fan Base

A question that keeps coming up is how do we build audience for our indie films and content. Without the huge marketing budgets of Hollywood films, so few people get to hear about our indie films much less see them. Today I’m going to take you through it, with some free online tools to help, [...]

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Connecting To Niche Audiences

Another ‘niche’ indie filmmaker is D.A. Sebasstian – as you can guess by the title of his films: Hot Rod Girls Save The World and Rat Rod Rockers. “I love cars and hot rods, and work with car clubs and other car enthusiasts who donate their time and automobiles to my projects. This is also [...]

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Can Indie Filmmakers Survive ‘Free’?

Prompted by a recent blog post by Mark Barrett titled “Doctorow, Anderson and Godin, Oh My”  criticising the gurus who support the notion of giving content away for free, I thought I’d discuss the argument in terms of how it applies to indie filmmakers. For those who haven’t heard of Cory Doctorow, Chris Anderson, Seth Godin, or [...]

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The Cosmonaut Remixed

The crowdfunded Spanish film, The Cosmonaut, has moved into their next phase of creative commons community involvement. Until the end of the month people have a chance to win prizes if they remix a trailer for the film. The goal is to get 500 entries to prove to the Spanish film industry that people are [...]

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Piracy: It’s Wrong, Don’t Do It (Pt 2)

Continuing my exploration into the many subcategories and arguments around film piracy, today I look at the people who say they want to try before they buy. The Previewer is someone who doesn’t commit to purchase until after they’ve watched a film and found it to their liking. They may have seen a friend’s copy, [...]

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“Ink” Ink A Deal With Their Fans

“Ink” is an indie feature film that gained traction last October after being ripped and downloaded by the bit torrent community 400,000 times in the first week, pushing it’s popularity well past Hollywood giants released at the same time. This wasn’t an intentional strategy from the filmmakers, but they embraced the heightened awareness gained from [...]

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Biracy evolution

Taking on board all the feedback and comments they’ve received, Biracy has redesigned their website, restructured information to make it easier to follow, and clarified several things. I’m really happy to see this project take form – the fact they are actively listening and responding to their audience proves they have the right attitude for [...]

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