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Can Indie Filmmakers Survive ‘Free’?

Prompted by a recent blog post by Mark Barrett titled “Doctorow, Anderson and Godin, Oh My”  criticising the gurus who support the notion of giving content away for free, I thought I’d discuss the argument in terms of how it applies to indie filmmakers. For those who haven’t heard of Cory Doctorow, Chris Anderson, Seth Godin, or [...]

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Piracy: It’s Wrong, Don’t Do It (Pt 2)

Continuing my exploration into the many subcategories and arguments around film piracy, today I look at the people who say they want to try before they buy. The Previewer is someone who doesn’t commit to purchase until after they’ve watched a film and found it to their liking. They may have seen a friend’s copy, [...]

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Freemium Content: Red Vs Blue Case Study

Freemium Content: Red Vs Blue Case Study

Red Vs Blue is another example of entertainment using the freemium or “T-shirt economy” model. Red Vs Blue is a short comedy machinima series that began in 2003. The pilot episode attracted 20,000 views within the first day, and Rooster Teeth quickly realised ways to monetise the series through sales of T-shirts and other merchandise. [...]

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