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Be Inspired…by Alternate Reality Games

I’m constantly coming across articles, links, videos, and presentations that inspire me… so I decided I’d group some of them that belong together to share with you.* Today I’ll begin with Alternate Reality Games (ARG). If you’ve never heard this term before, don’t feel too bad. It’s more often used by academics and professionals in [...]

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The Tunnel Case Study – Part 2

Continuing on from Monday’s post about the crowdfunded film The Tunnel – with it’s plans for release via torrent – today I’m talking specifically about their marketing, social media, and community management. Or lack thereof. It’s an area in which they’ve made some achievements, though still have plenty of space for improvement. While the key [...]

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Crowdfunding The Tunnel One Dollar at a Time

The Tunnel is a low budget Australian project in the midst of pre-selling film frames to raise the $135,000 cash budget, with plans to release the film for free online via file sharing later this year. It’s exciting to see this happening on my home turf, and interesting to hear in person the reasoning behind [...]

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Relativity – a Freemium Web Series

I first became aware of the upcoming web series Relativity last December when I happened across an awesome teaser trailer on Facebook. I’m impressed enough by their emerging business strategy and indie spirit to share it here.The creators, Jonathan Adams and Steve Fanale, cut together the trailer and released it early, even though it would [...]

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Crowdfunding vs Free

The digital age has opened a flood gate of experimental business models as indie filmmakers forge their way into the future. In one camp we have crowdfunding, that seeks money from fans before the film has even been made, and at the other end of the spectrum there are people giving their content away for [...]

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Can Indie Filmmakers Survive ‘Free’?

Prompted by a recent blog post by Mark Barrett titled “Doctorow, Anderson and Godin, Oh My”  criticising the gurus who support the notion of giving content away for free, I thought I’d discuss the argument in terms of how it applies to indie filmmakers. For those who haven’t heard of Cory Doctorow, Chris Anderson, Seth Godin, or [...]

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“Ink” Ink A Deal With Their Fans

“Ink” is an indie feature film that gained traction last October after being ripped and downloaded by the bit torrent community 400,000 times in the first week, pushing it’s popularity well past Hollywood giants released at the same time. This wasn’t an intentional strategy from the filmmakers, but they embraced the heightened awareness gained from [...]

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The Third Age : Webseries

One could argue that a webseries is the form that makes best use of the internet: content is the right length for casual viewing, ongoing release dates create the ultimate “slow build” to gain a growing audience, episodes are easily forwarded on to social networks, producer’s can test the popularity of their idea small scale [...]

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Why Indie Filmmakers Give It Away For Free

Why Indie Filmmakers Give It Away For Free

I just found out about another couple examples of the freemium model at play, where indie filmmakers published their content for free online, and then profited through secondary merchandising. Indie filmmaker Timo Vuorensola crowdsourced the making of his parody film Star Wreck through a Finnish social networking site and released it in 2005 for free. 700,000 copies were [...]

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Insubstantial Youtube video lands director $30million Hollywood deal

This amazing success story has been reported all around the world, generating a lot of heat in just a few days. Fede Alvarez – from Uruguay of all places – uploaded a 5 minute video clip to Youtube on a Thursday, and by the following Monday he’d received numerous emails from Hollywood agencies wanting to [...]

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