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Crowdfunding The Tunnel One Dollar at a Time

The Tunnel is a low budget Australian project in the midst of pre-selling film frames to raise the $135,000 cash budget, with plans to release the film for free online via file sharing later this year. It’s exciting to see this happening on my home turf, and interesting to hear in person the reasoning behind [...]

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Crowdfunding vs Free

The digital age has opened a flood gate of experimental business models as indie filmmakers forge their way into the future. In one camp we have crowdfunding, that seeks money from fans before the film has even been made, and at the other end of the spectrum there are people giving their content away for [...]

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Insubstantial Youtube video lands director $30million Hollywood deal

This amazing success story has been reported all around the world, generating a lot of heat in just a few days. Fede Alvarez – from Uruguay of all places – uploaded a 5 minute video clip to Youtube on a Thursday, and by the following Monday he’d received numerous emails from Hollywood agencies wanting to [...]

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