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Why are Australian film distributors not using social media?

An interesting post on Mumbrella questions why Australian film distributors are not using social media to cost effectively promote the films on their list. It takes a look at how poorly a couple of recent films, Not Suitable For Children  &  The King is Dead, were treated by the distributors as they neglected and mishandled [...]

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The Tunnel Case Study – Part 2

Continuing on from Monday’s post about the crowdfunded film The Tunnel – with it’s plans for release via torrent – today I’m talking specifically about their marketing, social media, and community management. Or lack thereof. It’s an area in which they’ve made some achievements, though still have plenty of space for improvement. While the key [...]

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Piracy : It’s Wrong, Don’t Do It (Pt 1)

If you want to stop piracy, this particular argument has already proven unsuccessful on a number of other issues: “It’s wrong, don’t do it” didn’t stop masturbation, drugs, homosexuality, rock ‘n roll, infidelity, racism, elbows on tables… you get the picture. Part of the issue is, not everyone agrees that it is wrong. As my last [...]

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Piracy : Everyone’s At It

There’s a hot debate between those who are vehemently against any form of “piracy” and those who can see some benefits. Firstly, let’s call piracy for what it really is – copyright infringement. Actually, no, on second thoughts, let’s stay with “piracy” for the moment: it’s more fun, conjuring up images of walking the plank [...]

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Epiphany: making creativity work financially.

Obviously I completely abandoned this blog long ago, but I’ve decided it’s time to start over with weekly updates. I’ve moved beyond being a struggling “writer” to being a writer/director/producer, and even “CEO” of a new entertainment company. (Mind you, all it costs is about $500 to start up a company and call yourself CEO, [...]

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