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Taking Your Content Glocal

We frequently hold the conflicting desire of wanting our content to be globally relevant, yet to also be authentic on a local level. ‘International’ stories are meant to bridge this gap, consisting of a core theme or idea that is meant to unite audiences regardless of nationality – however, this approach doesn’t respect or celebrate [...]

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Iron Sky & Crowdsourcing

Iron Sky Poster Iron Sky is the latest film from the team behind StarWreck (the Finnish amateur crowdsourced film released under creative commons and viewed over 8 million times before gaining a distribution deal with Universal). While some things have changed in the team’s approach – the most obvious being Iron Sky’s 6.5 million euro [...]

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The Cosmonaut Remixed

The crowdfunded Spanish film, The Cosmonaut, has moved into their next phase of creative commons community involvement. Until the end of the month people have a chance to win prizes if they remix a trailer for the film. The goal is to get 500 entries to prove to the Spanish film industry that people are [...]

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Biracy evolution

Taking on board all the feedback and comments they’ve received, Biracy has redesigned their website, restructured information to make it easier to follow, and clarified several things. I’m really happy to see this project take form – the fact they are actively listening and responding to their audience proves they have the right attitude for [...]

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Crowdfunding Indie Film : Biracy (case study)

Biracy is an indie film project launched at the beginning of last month with the goal to convert download pirates into investors, creators, and distributors by using a persuasive crowdfunding /crowdsourcing hybrid business model. It’s quite innovative in that the filmmakers have allocated 32% of membership income towards an upfront referral reward system, meaning that members [...]

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Crowdsourcing Indie Film : Fandom Experience Case Study

Fandom is an interesting indie film project that is using crowdsourcing to build and interact with an audience from pre-production stage onwards. The film itself is already privately financed, but what they are selling is a paid membership “experience” that allows intimate real-time access to the filmmaking process, from script development and location selection to [...]

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Why Indie Filmmakers Give It Away For Free

Why Indie Filmmakers Give It Away For Free

I just found out about another couple examples of the freemium model at play, where indie filmmakers published their content for free online, and then profited through secondary merchandising. Indie filmmaker Timo Vuorensola crowdsourced the making of his parody film Star Wreck through a Finnish social networking site and released it in 2005 for free. 700,000 copies were [...]

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Crowd sourcing to fund, produce, promote, and monetise indie film

Crowd sourcing to fund, produce, promote, and monetise indie film

Crowd sourcing is an innovative business model being applied to several indie filmmaker projects. Perhaps the most publicised and obviously successful case is that of The Age of Stupid. This documentary project on global warming has raised over $1.2 million via crowd funding, and also used crowd sourcing to distribute and exhibit it around the world. [...]

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