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The Tunnel Case Study – Part 2

Continuing on from Monday’s post about the crowdfunded film The Tunnel – with it’s plans for release via torrent – today I’m talking specifically about their marketing, social media, and community management. Or lack thereof. It’s an area in which they’ve made some achievements, though still have plenty of space for improvement. While the key [...]

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The Third Age : Webseries

One could argue that a webseries is the form that makes best use of the internet: content is the right length for casual viewing, ongoing release dates create the ultimate “slow build” to gain a growing audience, episodes are easily forwarded on to social networks, producer’s can test the popularity of their idea small scale [...]

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Crowdsourcing Indie Film : Fandom Experience Case Study

Fandom is an interesting indie film project that is using crowdsourcing to build and interact with an audience from pre-production stage onwards. The film itself is already privately financed, but what they are selling is a paid membership “experience” that allows intimate real-time access to the filmmaking process, from script development and location selection to [...]

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