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How Little I Know

A big part of me writing this blog has been because I’m searching for answers. I thought if I examined enough indie filmmakers, transmedia storytellers, and content creators who are doing innovative things, it would soon become obvious what does and doesn’t work, and the path forward would become clear. I have a young daughter [...]

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Biracy evolution

Taking on board all the feedback and comments they’ve received, Biracy has redesigned their website, restructured information to make it easier to follow, and clarified several things. I’m really happy to see this project take form – the fact they are actively listening and responding to their audience proves they have the right attitude for [...]

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Crowdfunding Indie Film : Biracy (case study)

Biracy is an indie film project launched at the beginning of last month with the goal to convert download pirates into investors, creators, and distributors by using a persuasive crowdfunding /crowdsourcing hybrid business model. It’s quite innovative in that the filmmakers have allocated 32% of membership income towards an upfront referral reward system, meaning that members [...]

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