Lean marketing for startups

You’ve got a great idea for a new product, but are you sure anyone will buy it? It’s a common misnomer for people to think that ‘marketing’ simply means ‘promotion’ or ‘branding’, and this mistake leads many people to leave marketing till later than they should.

The Lean Startup  philosophy places customer discovery at the very forefront of the process, seeking to validate that they will buy your product (based on the concept) before you potentially waste time and money developing an unsellable product. Believe it or not, customer discovery and validation step is part of the ‘marketing’ process.

Key stages when a startup should consider ‘marketing’:

  1. Initially: to identify who the target market is and ensure the idea is a valid marketable product.
  2. Once you have a Minimum Viable Product: to gain and manage beta tester interaction.
  3. When seeking investment from angels, VCs and investors.
  4. Readying to launch: to create a strategy that will identify, reach, engage, and convert your target market into users and fans.
  5. Growth: to grow your user base, strengthen your relationship with fans, and ward off the competition.

‘Marketing’ need not be expensive, and with the benefits of modern technology there are many low budget tools and techniques that allow lean, low budget marketing – whilst saving you  from making costly development mistakes going down the wrong track.

Contact me if you’d like help with your marketing at any stage of your startup.

This blog discusses innovative low budget marketing concepts, strategies, and tools to help you get your startup started.

I also blog about lean startup principles, sydney startups, and my own experience going through the Founder Institute Incubator and journey to start my own startup.

You’ll also notice that I advise filmmakers and content creators. In the modern era old one-way promotion such as advertising is less effective than inbound content marketing, relationship marketing, and techniques that encourage social spread-  and as such I believe content creators and businesses have a lot to gain by learning from one another and collaborating for mutual benefit.

About luci

Luci Temple is a Sydney based marketing strategist who consults with startups and filmmakers about creative, innovative, low budget marketing and monetisation strategies that will identify, reach, engage, and build relationships with a target audience.


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