Let me help you to market your startup, brand, or project on a low budget.

I have significant experience working with companies and start-ups who have never hired a marketing communications professional before, requiring me to develop branding and marketing strategies from scratch as well as implement them at an operational level. These companies have often had limited budgets and resources for marketing and communications, which has required me to be more strategic and creative in approaches taken.

I’m particularly interested in blurring the line between marketing and content and socialising the experience – creating communications that people actively seek out and want to engage with rather than avoid. These transmedia experiences seem to be the way of the future, weaving in techniques and theories (when relevant) such as crowdsourcing, fandom, influencer outreach, relationship marketing, community engagement, social media, entertainment, storytelling and wisdom of the crowds – in addition to traditional marketing – to reach and convert the target market into brand advocates and prompt more meaningful interaction.

This occurs when one provides content and stimulates dialogue in the spaces that the target market chooses to inhabit, building relationships across multiple channels with fans and influencers who actively engage and spread the content as participants and co-creators.

You’ll find low budget marketing and monetisation ideas explored on this blog under marketing posts, and other posts split specifically to help filmmakers or startups DIY.

Or  contact me to gain a low budget marketing strategy developed for your project.

About luci

Luci Temple is a Sydney based marketing strategist who consults with startups and filmmakers about creative, innovative, low budget marketing and monetisation strategies that will identify, reach, engage, and build relationships with a target audience.


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