DIY Film Marketing

If you’re an indie filmmaker you’re probably facing one or more of these challenges:

  • How to gain funding and investment to be able to make your film
  • How to distribute your film to its audience when you can’t get a good distributor
  • How to promote your film and build audience demand on a low budget
  • How to earn money from your film, when traditional revenue streams are under threat due to piracy, illegal downloads, and market domination by big Hollywood films with huge marketing budgets.

Luckily, modern technology has enabled a low budget DIY approach that can cut out or complement the traditional middle men. Innovative alternative methods – such as use of  transmedia storytelling, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, digital distribution, content marketing, social media, merchandising, experiential, and niche digital marketing – provide opportunity for indie filmmakers and content creators to overcome these challenges.

On this blog you’ll find examples of filmmakers, writers, artists, and other content creators who have succeeded in using new ways to DIY, as well as some who have failed, and the lessons we can learn from them. My posts include  info and advice that will help you to understand how to use low budget marketing techniques to promote your film.

Would you like to use my services to help you develop an innovative, low budget marketing strategy to help your film succeed in the marketplace? Contact me.

Lean Filmmaking

In recent years I’ve become involved with Sydney startups and the ‘lean startup’ philosophy – and I think there’s a lot that filmmakers and artists can learn from this approach. It involves creating and testing at concept stage a ‘minimal viable product’ to ensure that there is a market for what we’re creating before we pour time and money into development.

While I know that we creative people often believe that such an approach is the opposite  to true inspiration and art, and perhaps even a ‘sell out’, over the years I’ve become a bit of a convert after seeing so many talented, hard working, passionate filmmakers and writers sinking their time into film projects that never get up; or who succeed in making a film only to see it fail to find its audience;  or who succeed in gaining an audience but nonetheless fail to recoup enough financial returns to adequately pay the creators or fund the next film.

I’m very interested in helping filmmakers, writers, artists and other content creators to get better at earning income from their work, so I will be adapting these ideas to be relevant to the creative industries and sharing these ideas on my blog.


About luci

Luci Temple is a Sydney based marketing strategist who consults with startups and filmmakers about creative, innovative, low budget marketing and monetisation strategies that will identify, reach, engage, and build relationships with a target audience.


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