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Be Inspired…by Alternate Reality Games

I’m constantly coming across articles, links, videos, and presentations that inspire me… so I decided I’d group some of them that belong together to share with you.* Today I’ll begin with Alternate Reality Games (ARG). If you’ve never heard this term before, don’t feel too bad. It’s more often used by academics and professionals in [...]

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Taking Your Content Glocal

We frequently hold the conflicting desire of wanting our content to be globally relevant, yet to also be authentic on a local level. ‘International’ stories are meant to bridge this gap, consisting of a core theme or idea that is meant to unite audiences regardless of nationality – however, this approach doesn’t respect or celebrate [...]

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A Hypothetical Transmedia Case Study

This semester I’ve been doing AFTRS’s Graduate Certificate in Multiplatform Content to get my head more around the area – and a month ago we did a weekend incubator that involved brainstorming a transmedia project that has direct relevance to the film industry problem of file-sharing. My team (myself, Jane Arandelovic and Alex Bathur) identified a [...]

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Creating Communities Around Content

A teaser campaign for a game, The Secret World, recently caught my eye. It’s a game that has been in development for over three years now, with no launch date in sight, yet it has managed to grow an active community around it. What is their secret?Before anyone knew anything about The Secret World (TSW) the developer Funcom [...]

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Battle of Long Tan – Case Study

Battle of Long Tan – Case Study

Recently I attended a multi platform seminar at AFTRS where speakers shared their experiences. Martin Walsh of Red Dune Films had a very interesting approach to getting his film up. Many years ago Martin decided he wanted to make a feature film about the Battle of Long Tan, but realised there was a key obstacle: [...]

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