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Eight Steps to Building a Fan Base

Eight Steps to Building a Fan Base

A question that keeps coming up is how do we build audience for our indie films and content. Without the huge marketing budgets of Hollywood films, so few people get to hear about our indie films much less see them. Today I’m going to take you through it, with some free online tools to help, [...]

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Connecting To Niche Audiences

Another ‘niche’ indie filmmaker is D.A. Sebasstian – as you can guess by the title of his films: Hot Rod Girls Save The World and Rat Rod Rockers. “I love cars and hot rods, and work with car clubs and other car enthusiasts who donate their time and automobiles to my projects. This is also [...]

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The value of knowing your audience when self distributing

Flatland is a niche animated film which successfully used a highly targeted campaign when self-distributing. By mainstream standards, the animation would be considered a hard sell: it’s half an hour long, and it’s about mathematics. I discussed the distribution strategy behind it with Flatland creator, Seth Caplan. Flatland: The Movie trailer from Collection Agency Films [...]

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Viral Marketing – On Meeting An Agent

Last week reading Ted Hope’s blog I came across a clever, funny, short animation, which included a web address. Clicking through to the webpage, I learned that the animation was promotion for a self published novel. I was impressed enough with what I saw on that website to purchase two copies (yes, 2!) as birthday gifts [...]

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