Thanks for dropping by my website, and for your patience while it’s under construction. I’d call this a Minimum Viable Product (MPV) site: it’s got the basic functionality  but I haven’t put anything into design or branding, as at this point that would be an unnecessary expense of money and time.

What you’ll find on this website:

My blogsite has five key areas, and you can just rss to the parts you’re interested in:

  1. Marketing: Low budget innovative marketing techniques and strategies.
  2. Transmedia: An exploration of techniques, tools, and case studies on the evolution of interactive storytelling across multiple platforms.
  3. Film: Innovative low budget strategies, ideas, and case studies to help indie filmmakers, artists, and content creators to fund, promote, and monetise their projects. Being an Aussie there is an Australian slant.
  4. Startups: My journey into the Sydney startup scene, going through the Founder Institute program, the ‘lean startup’ philosophy,  and ‘lean marketing’ strategies to help startups.
  5. Musings: This is the stuff about me that doesn’t fit into the other areas.

And of course you can find out more about me, my services, and how to contact me.