Development sprint

Founder Institute has set me the task of calling on whatever people & resources I can to do a mini development sprint on my platform – due by Tuesday afternoon. If you can help out or know someone who can, please let me know!

Seeking Sydney based:

  1. Ruby on Rails developer (4 hours work)
  2. Web designer (5 hours work)

The project:

VillageRaised is a web platform to help schools fundraise online, by providing them with the tools to tell their story, take donations, and sell products to parents and the local community in exchange for profit share.

I’ve found open source code called selfstarter that with a little modification and quick deployment I could use to build a Minimum Viable Product. It’s build on Rails, CSS, and a little Coffee script. My mentor Soren Harner (VP Engineering at BigCommerce) had a look at it and was really impressed with the code, and thought that it would only take about 3 hours for someone with the right skills to help me make the modifications and get it up and running as a MVP.

Web design work is to mock up 4 key pages of what I’d like the site to look like when it’s finished – focus on functional layout rather than needing to be the aesthetic end design (as I know getting the branding right is going to take more than 5 hours of work!).

It’s early days yet, but I’ve got a couple school P&Cs interested and a handful of suppliers. I will continue to build upon this base and once I have a MVP I will get a school fundraiser up and running to use as a test case within the next month. From that test case I can gain additional support and seek investment funding to build up a product that will scale.

At this point, for this little sprint, I can only afford to pay a token amount and also swap my time & skills in exchange for anyone who helps – my background is marketing & communications, so let me know a project you’re working on and I can help you get it to your target market.  Obviously the desire is to form a good working relationship so when I gain investment I can hire, equity share, or co-found with you to build the proper platform.

As mentioned, time is ticking as I have a Tuesday afternoon deadline, so please do let me know asap if you can help.

Many thanks!

Luci :)

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About luci

Luci Temple is a Sydney based marketing strategist who consults with startups and filmmakers about creative, innovative, low budget marketing and monetisation strategies that will identify, reach, engage, and build relationships with a target audience.