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Founder Institute Startup Accelerator

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My first week in the Founder Institute startup accelerator has been a whirlwind, pushing me out of my comfort zone and into action. Both exciting and challenging. The Founder Institute (FI) originated out of Silicon Valley when serial entrepreneur Adeo Ressi decided he wanted to globalize Silicon Valley with the goal to help launch 1000 meaningful [...]

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Why are Australian film distributors not using social media?

An interesting post on Mumbrella questions why Australian film distributors are not using social media to cost effectively promote the films on their list. It takes a look at how poorly a couple of recent films, Not Suitable For Children  &  The King is Dead, were treated by the distributors as they neglected and mishandled [...]

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RIP Yet Another Struggling Writer

Eulogy for the old blog Dear http://YetAnotherStrugglingWriter, I apologise for my inconsistent regard for you in recent times, and regret that this neglect led to your eventual demise. Fear not, your life has not been in vain: from your ashes springs forth new direction and enthusiasm. I shall sprinkle your contents in the wind, [...]

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