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Waiting For “Superman” | Pledge Now

The film Waiting For “Superman”, by the same filmmaker who made The Inconvenient Truth, is a great example of an indie documentary that has well targeted itself towards an audience outside of the ‘film vertical’. The topic of the film is the decline in the American public education system, and Waiting For Superman has made [...]

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Be Inspired…by Alternate Reality Games

I’m constantly coming across articles, links, videos, and presentations that inspire me… so I decided I’d group some of them that belong together to share with you.* Today I’ll begin with Alternate Reality Games (ARG). If you’ve never heard this term before, don’t feel too bad. It’s more often used by academics and professionals in [...]

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Wellywood Woman

On a side note, filmmaker Marian Evans asked me to comment on an Inside Film article where Martha Coleman expressed concern that not enough emerging female filmmakers are putting up their hand for funding under Screen Australia’s Springboard initiative. Marian has posted my response on her blog Wellywood Woman, if you’re interested in reading it. [...]

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The Tunnel Case Study – Part 2

Continuing on from Monday’s post about the crowdfunded film The Tunnel – with it’s plans for release via torrent – today I’m talking specifically about their marketing, social media, and community management. Or lack thereof. It’s an area in which they’ve made some achievements, though still have plenty of space for improvement. While the key [...]

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Crowdfunding The Tunnel One Dollar at a Time

The Tunnel is a low budget Australian project in the midst of pre-selling film frames to raise the $135,000 cash budget, with plans to release the film for free online via file sharing later this year. It’s exciting to see this happening on my home turf, and interesting to hear in person the reasoning behind [...]

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