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Iron Sky & Crowdsourcing

Iron Sky Poster Iron Sky is the latest film from the team behind StarWreck (the Finnish amateur crowdsourced film released under creative commons and viewed over 8 million times before gaining a distribution deal with Universal). While some things have changed in the team’s approach – the most obvious being Iron Sky’s 6.5 million euro [...]

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Art versus Commerce in Filmmaking

A question that is often asked here in Australia is “What is wrong with the Australian film industry,” as there is a huge disconnect between the size of total annual box office receipts of $1.1 billion (Australians are some of the greatest film consumers on a per capita basis) versus the measly 5% of this [...]

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Diary Update

Hi everyone, Want to apologise for having gone such a long time without post… have been flat out developing a multiplatform project, working on the business plan, and so on. Will fill you in with more details soon… I’ve also begun looking into moving this blog to something more versatile like WordPress. Obviously my posts [...]

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