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Paranormal Activity Case Study

If you haven’t heard of Paranormal Activity – the $15,000 movie that went on to make over $100 million – you must have spent the past year under a rock. This is a movie that did so much right in engaging an audience with a teaser campaign to build hype prior to release. There’s a [...]

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Why Filmmakers Need To Stop Being “Film” makers.

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A Hypothetical Transmedia Case Study

This semester I’ve been doing AFTRS’s Graduate Certificate in Multiplatform Content to get my head more around the area – and a month ago we did a weekend incubator that involved brainstorming a transmedia project that has direct relevance to the film industry problem of file-sharing. My team (myself, Jane Arandelovic and Alex Bathur) identified a [...]

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Eight Steps to Building a Fan Base

Eight Steps to Building a Fan Base

A question that keeps coming up is how do we build audience for our indie films and content. Without the huge marketing budgets of Hollywood films, so few people get to hear about our indie films much less see them. Today I’m going to take you through it, with some free online tools to help, [...]

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