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Relativity – a Freemium Web Series

I first became aware of the upcoming web series Relativity last December when I happened across an awesome teaser trailer on Facebook. I’m impressed enough by their emerging business strategy and indie spirit to share it here.The creators, Jonathan Adams and Steve Fanale, cut together the trailer and released it early, even though it would [...]

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Crowdfunding vs Free

The digital age has opened a flood gate of experimental business models as indie filmmakers forge their way into the future. In one camp we have crowdfunding, that seeks money from fans before the film has even been made, and at the other end of the spectrum there are people giving their content away for [...]

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Connecting To Niche Audiences

Another ‘niche’ indie filmmaker is D.A. Sebasstian – as you can guess by the title of his films: Hot Rod Girls Save The World and Rat Rod Rockers. “I love cars and hot rods, and work with car clubs and other car enthusiasts who donate their time and automobiles to my projects. This is also [...]

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Can Indie Filmmakers Survive ‘Free’?

Prompted by a recent blog post by Mark Barrett titled “Doctorow, Anderson and Godin, Oh My”  criticising the gurus who support the notion of giving content away for free, I thought I’d discuss the argument in terms of how it applies to indie filmmakers. For those who haven’t heard of Cory Doctorow, Chris Anderson, Seth Godin, or [...]

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Creating Communities Around Content

A teaser campaign for a game, The Secret World, recently caught my eye. It’s a game that has been in development for over three years now, with no launch date in sight, yet it has managed to grow an active community around it. What is their secret?Before anyone knew anything about The Secret World (TSW) the developer Funcom [...]

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Piracy : It’s Wrong, Don’t Do It (Pt 1)

If you want to stop piracy, this particular argument has already proven unsuccessful on a number of other issues: “It’s wrong, don’t do it” didn’t stop masturbation, drugs, homosexuality, rock ‘n roll, infidelity, racism, elbows on tables… you get the picture. Part of the issue is, not everyone agrees that it is wrong. As my last [...]

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The Cosmonaut Remixed

The crowdfunded Spanish film, The Cosmonaut, has moved into their next phase of creative commons community involvement. Until the end of the month people have a chance to win prizes if they remix a trailer for the film. The goal is to get 500 entries to prove to the Spanish film industry that people are [...]

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Biracy Sci Fi Script Competition

Got a Sci-Fi Screenplay gathering dust in your bottom drawer? A pile of rejection letters from agents and production companies? It might be worth pulling it out for Biracy’s script competition. The crowdsourced nature of Biracy means there’s no guarantee whether it will be made, or how much you’ll get paid. They have set in place [...]

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The value of knowing your audience when self distributing

Flatland is a niche animated film which successfully used a highly targeted campaign when self-distributing. By mainstream standards, the animation would be considered a hard sell: it’s half an hour long, and it’s about mathematics. I discussed the distribution strategy behind it with Flatland creator, Seth Caplan. Flatland: The Movie trailer from Collection Agency Films [...]

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Piracy : Everyone’s At It

There’s a hot debate between those who are vehemently against any form of “piracy” and those who can see some benefits. Firstly, let’s call piracy for what it really is – copyright infringement. Actually, no, on second thoughts, let’s stay with “piracy” for the moment: it’s more fun, conjuring up images of walking the plank [...]

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