Identify your core audience and create marketing and communications content that they will actively want to seek out and engage with.

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Create an interactive experience with unique touchpoints across multiple communications channels to engage your audience as active participants.

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Let's catch up and see how I can help you :)

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About Luci

I’m a Sydney based marketing and communications strategist with thirteen years industry experience working across advertising, film, tv, digital, professional services, and media industries.

I specialise in blurring the line between marketing and content – creating communications that people actively seek out and want to engage with rather than avoid.

My career has not followed a traditional “path” or “ladder;” rather it is a web woven across multiple industries and skillsets, creating a holistic approach and unique perspective. One half of me has earned a living from marketing and communications while the other half followed the passion of my creative side (writer and filmmaker)  - these two halves have begun to merge with the rise of branded content, transmedia, social media, and inbound marketing. My personal desire to create positive outcomes for filmmakers, writers, artists, and content creators has led me to question the traditional arts industries’ way of doing things, to explore innovative alternatives that better allow content creators to fund, promote, and monetise their content.

I must admit I have converted a little bit to the ‘dark side’, becoming entrepreneurial, as I’ve come to realise that money does matter - for a lack of it prevents projects from getting made. I share my ideas about finding this art/income balance here on this blog so others may apply them to their projects.

More about the contents of this blogsite can be found here.

If you like what you see you can hire my freelance or contract services. If the right career opportunity presents itself, with great people and work culture, I may even be tempted into an in-house role. If this sounds like you contact me :)

Luci Temple



Founder Institute Graduates

Last week myself and nine other people became Founder Institute graduates from the Sydney Spring 2012 accelerator program, which is no small feat considering that we started with 28 people in the program.  These past four months have been intense, and you no doubt consider me crazy and hare brained as I’ve seemingly been pitching [...]

Development sprint

Founder Institute has set me the task of calling on whatever people & resources I can to do a mini development sprint on my platform – due by Tuesday afternoon. If you can help out or know someone who can, please let me know! Seeking Sydney based: Ruby on Rails developer (4 hours work) Web designer [...]


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